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Energy Grid Activation

Energy Grid Activation

Are you ready? Are you ready to walk on the divine path? Are you ready, but your life seems to make it difficult for you? Is life taking you continuously in different directions?

With the energy grid activation you will be able to adjust your magnetic & energetic field according to your original “plan”.

Before you came here you decided to walk on a certain path, have a certain plan, but often when we come here we forget, karma and other things come in the way. We deviate from what was originally planned for us and made easy. We intuitively “remember” our plan and try to follow it, but our magnetic energy grid has been adjusted according to the choice we made with our free will, according to the new karma we accumulated.

We re-write the “plan”.

Go back to your original plan. Ensure that life will be according to what you originally planned for yourself. Walk with ease and grace, love and happiness.


The energy grid activation will help to re-activate your original plan, adjust your energy bodies accordingly and to resolve blocks, karma and anything that is holding you back from reaching your true potential.

This will help you in your private life, your relationships; maybe even help you to find your soulmate. It is also beneficial for work relationships and performances. It will help to restore the body to its original state of health and happiness.


The treatment is split up into several sessions:

In session 1 we will open your grid, give your body the possibility to let all the blocks and karma to be released, surface gently. During the session we will activate certain energy grids in the body and “open” you for your original but new plan.

Duration: 60 – 90 min (depending on blocks and karma you store)

In session 2 we will release all your blocks and karma, put your energy bodies back on its original grid and plan. We will “close” you and ensure that your body “remembers” how and where to “walk”.

Duration: 60 – 90 min
This session will be scheduled consecutive to your first session, with a maximum of 3 days in between.

In session 3 we will “fine-tune” your grid and release any negative energies that might still block you.

Duration: 60 min
This session will be scheduled 4 to 6 weeks after your initial sessions.


Price: CAN 199.00 (for the first two sessions, payable in advance)
          CAN 80.00 (for the third session)



As an inspiration and maybe for better understanding we recommend to see the movie
“The Adjustment Bureau”.