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About us

About The Third Eye Canada

The Third Eye Canada is a mind, body and energy center based online and in Manning.

The wide range of activities include organizing events that promote awareness, training programs in healing modalities, self-empowerment workshops, alternative and complementary therapies, and holistic retail. The Third Eye also offers meditations, Meetup's, spiritual journeys (healing boot camps) and programs for children of all ages. Through such activities, the focus on embarking on an inward journey through the third eye as the route to a personal fulfillment.

About the owner - Claudia

Since my early childhood I had the feeling that there is more than what they eyes can see or hands can touch. Growing up in a very tight family environment I had to look far and wait long to finally find and practice my gifts.

With Theta Healing®, Hypnotherapy and all the other wonderful modalities I can help people freeing themselves from all of what is not serving them anymore and allowing them to truly enjoy life. 

I was able to manifest beautiful things in my life, heal myself from physical issues and truly love myself and others through Creator's perspective.

I wish for my clients and students to feel and experience the same and more. 

I appreciate it to be chosen by all the wonderful souls that come to me, and that I'm allowed to help them to take a step to happiness and fulfillment.

"Life is a learning process that we chose to experience. let's enjoy it!"

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Robert has a special connection to animals and they truly understand him. He is specialized in Animal Healing and Behavioural Adjustments.

He uses Theta Healing® techniques as well as his natural born gifts in communication with the Creator, the Source of All That Is and the spirit world, as well as his clients (humans & animals). He is gifted with the knowing of what is  missing in the person or the animal to return the individual to health and happiness.

With all his sessions Robert prefers to physically touch the person or animal to be treated in order to provide a successful treatment. Distance healing is possible in selected cases.

"This life is a journey between your past life and your future life. Enjoy the journey!"

To book your personal appointment with Robert please call 587-580-5856 or email

We want to help the individual to feel better about themselves and to help them to find their true purpose.

We want to help you to be the beautiful spark of Creation that you are... and we want you to see it.

Love & light

Claudia & Robert