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AGEMA Sun & Geoenergy Beauty Products

we are happy to announce that we have brought these amazing and ALL NATURAL spiritually channeled beauty products from Greece to Canada.

All ingredients are used within 30 minutes of extraction to ensure the purity of the plant and to keep the vibration and energy of it. All products are absolutely FREE of preservatives, fillers, binders or other toxic ingredients. The ENERGY of the products is amazing and you will LOVE using them on your skin.

Please visit our Web shop for further information or contact us directly. We are happy to present them to you and your friends in the pricvacy of your home.


We have gift certificates for all classes and sessions!


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Theta Healing® Advanced DNA Course

Advanced DNA gives an in-depth understanding of the energies of the different Planes of Existence (spirit world, plant and mineral kingdoms, angelic plane, etc.), the dynamics that exist between them, and how they influence us.  In this class, we are going to learn how to heal from the Seventh Plane of Existence. We will learn more details about all of the Planes, how to work on objects (e.g., house, car), how to instantly eliminate oaths, vows and commitments made on other Planes that are no longer serving us in the present life and are blocks on your path of progress and learn how to heal broken souls. 


We are going to bring in true Feelings that we may have never experienced before. We're going to clear space in our mind that is wasted holding onto random negative thoughts, such as, anger, revenge, resentment, regret, grudges, aggression, jealousy, envy and bitterness.  This will allow us to utilize more energy, to achieve faster healings, to advance as a species and to connect us to the Divine.  


The Advanced Course shows you how to apply the ThetaHealing® techniques in amazing new ways.  


You will Learn How To:
Rapidly accelerate your spiritual growth by going to the Seventh Plane where the Creator is
Gain a deep understanding of the nature of "consciousness" and "reality"- and how to re-create your reality according to your highest thoughts
Step outside the boundaries of our third Plane "world", enabling you to manipulate the laws of time and space
Heal powerfully, rapidly and at the deepest level, and work with and heal any "consciousness", including plants, animals and non-organic material (eg. your house, business, car, or crystals)
To repair broken souls

Enhance and accelerate your Intuition and healing abilities. This course truly fast tracks your healing abilities and intuition. Learn how to bring about amazing shifts in consciousness. Journey through the 7 Planes of Existence and learn how to use them for healing and manifesting. Learn how the planes come together and how you are using them to co-create healings. Discover with discernment the difference between talking with angels and the Creator. Learn how to change feelings instantly. Reprogram yourself for success in all areas of your life. Learn how to fix a broken soul and how to pull free-floating memories. Discover how to manifest your dreams and identify the issues holding you back. Learn how to change subconscious belief structures, and be transformed with over hundreds of new feelings and beliefs channeled by Vianna.



The Advanced DNA course teaches you:

The simplified process for Healing
Hundreds of Downloads to empower your life
Allow yourself to heal through the downloads
A journey through the Seven Planes of Existence and how to work with them in your daily life
How ThetaHealing® can be used with all other healing modalities
How to pull out Free-Floating Memories/Engram Banks
Removing trauma etc. from birth with the sending love to the baby in the womb exercise
How to heal a Broken Soul and a Broken Heart
How to meet and communicate with Plants
How to scan, cleanse and program crystals
How to connect with your Ancestors and talked to Loved Ones that passed on
How to do clearing and belief work on your house, business etc.
How to talk to the Higher Self
How to work on animals

Distance Healing

Prerequisite: Basic DNA from a certified Theta Teacher®  


Time:     3 day course
Costs:     $ 495.00
(please check our calendar for timings & locations)

You will receive a certificate from the THiNK institute and Vianna Stibal which allows you to practice as certified Advanced Theta Healer®.


For more details on Theta Healing® and advanced classes please visit Theta Healing® Canada