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Animal Healing

Animal Healing & Behaviour Modification

Animal are our companions, best friends and part of our family. We suffer, when they suffer.

Give your pet the chance to be "heard", understood and healed in a completely new way.

We will communicate with your animal over their Higher Self to find out, what is hurting them or causing them distress. So we will be able to give the the respective care and adjustments in their life to make them happy and healthy again.

Furthermore we will use alternative healing techniques, by bringing in the healing powers of the Creator and Source of All That Is, to heal them comprehensively on an energetic and holistic level.

Robert has the gift of having a very special connection to animals he was born with and he is able to truly understand what their needs are.

He was able to help many animals heal, change or die gently, peacefully and gracefully if that was their chosen path.

The animals feel his special gift and connection he has with them and "listen" naturally to him.

Adjustments in behavior come easily and they truly understand what is expected from them.

Depending on the concern of your animal, one or more sessions may have to be scheduled. 

Please contact us for details and a complimentary consultation of your loved ones.

Animal Healing Sessions

Remote Animal Healing 30 minutes:                 $   75.00

Remote Behaviour Modification 45 minutes     $   98.00

(please send us a picture of your animal and a short description of the concern to

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