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AGEMA Sun & Geoenergy Beauty Products

we are happy to announce that we have brought these amazing and ALL NATURAL spiritually channeled beauty products from Greece to Canada.

All ingredients are used within 30 minutes of extraction to ensure the purity of the plant and to keep the vibration and energy of it. All products are absolutely FREE of preservatives, fillers, binders or other toxic ingredients. The ENERGY of the products is amazing and you will LOVE using them on your skin.

Please visit our Web shop for further information or contact us directly. We are happy to present them to you and your friends in the pricvacy of your home.


We have gift certificates for all classes and sessions!


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Theta Healing® Basic DNA Course

The Basic Theta Healing® course teaches you:

Basic history of how the Theta Healing® technique began and how it has grown and evolved.

The brain waves and how they are important in the healing process

About the 7 Planes of Existence

How to hold a Theta brainwave and use it to connect directly to the creative Source

How to muscle test yourself and other people to identify subconscious beliefs

How to do healing's without depleting your own energy

How to intuitively see into the human body

How to see and speak with Guardian Angels and guides

How to do remote viewing and future readings

How to change the DNA, including activating the Youth and Vitaly chromosome

How to test and change subconscious beliefs on all levels (core, genetic, history & soul)

How to find the subconscious core belief underlying an illness, injury or other challenges

You will learn how to:

Access and change brainwaves (Gamma, Alpha, Beta, Delta, Theta) for relaxation & healing

Increase inner peace and strength

Instantly release acute pain

Intuitively see in the human body and see the challenges of the system

Analyze your conscious and subconscious beliefs

You can nurture an inner wisdom through hands on experience of:

Communication with angels

Psychic readings

Self healing

Healing on others

Your dreams will come true by:

Connecting with true friends, Soulmates and soul families

Crating positive beliefs

Psychic gene replacement

Psychically activating the DNA

You will also learn about:

Life after Death

Walk-ins and Star people

Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children

Past lives, genetic & ancestral memories

Soul fragments

Spirit travellers 

Entity Attachments

Time:   3 days 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Price:   $ 495.00

(please check our calendar for timings and locations)

You will receive a certificate from THInK institute and Vianna Stibal which allows you to practice as a certified Theta Healer®

For further details on the Theta Healing® technique please visit