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Birthing & Re-Birthing©

Why Birthing & Re-Birthing©

The spiritual energy or vital force exists in and about all things created by Creator Source. 

It is found in every human being, in every animal, in every plant, in every stone, in every mineral, in every star, in every spirit, in all other existing things and in all WATER!!!

Water also has a very spiritual energy composition of its own and is a great conductor of spiritual energy.

Owing to the fact that the spiritual energy of water plays so important a role in all bodies, they cannot go without it for any great length of time. For the same reason animals and plants perish when denied the spiritual energy of water for a prolonged period. 

When you are in the womb you are surrounded by an amazing fluid that nourishes you and supports your growth and thrive.

But it also acts as a great conductor for energy…

So if your mother was sad, anxious, overwhelmed, stressed, angry, upset, nervous, abused or threatened or exposed to other negative energies around her, the amniotic fluid in the womb conducted (and often intensified) these feelings.

What is Birthing & Re-Birthing©

The Birthing & Re-Birthing© transformation system will allow you to start over. To be reborn. It will help you to heal blocks and issues you maybe didn’t even know existed.

With this 6-step program you will finally tackle hurdles that you have been unable to overcome.
This healing journey will transport you to your pre-birth when you planned your existence here on earth and will show you what you are capable of.
It will help you to clear ancestral baggage that you have carried for many generations and that is holding you back.
You will truly enjoy the results received through this healing system, as it will help you to truly focus on yourself, your path and your development.

A birth is a very special time and a very complex process. We are destined to experience and share this with and through our parents and siblings in the love of the Divine and through the love of the Divine.

Unfortunately often a birth results in a lot of hurt and misfortune. It is spoken of with fear and is seen as a traumatic event in the life of both, mother and baby.

We are brought into this world through technical, cold equipment and people that do not truly engage in the birthing process (emergency cases excepted). We are brought here at a certain time that is convenient for our parents, doctors and surroundings, but not convenient to us.

Being part of this world and becoming part of this world is so very important for us. And it's the same as having a bad start in a sprint… we never really get to our highest potential, never really strive and never really make it… we are discouraged and disheartened right from the beginning.

When we then start looking around at “what others are doing” it gets even worse and we lose track, power, thrive and the belief in ourselves completely.

But now this can be OVER!!!

With the Birthing & Re-Birthing© program we heal, change and start NEW.

We start our life the way we wanted it and intended to. WE heal the processes that have happened to us and we forgive ourselves and the ones around us, for having been part of this and created this.

After this process we are more enlightened, lighter and feeling freer. We can finally focus on our own sprint, our own desires and our own path, without constantly looking at how bad it started and how much more lays ahead of us, as well as how much better off others are … we do our own thing, concentrate on our own success and our own healing can result out of this.

We are truly amazing beings that deserve to enjoy the journey we have chosen and created for us.

The treatment takes between 45 - 60 minutes (depending on the blocks you are holding)

Several sessions are recommended.

Price: $   89.00 (for session 1 & 2)

          $   75.00 (for session 3 and thereafter)

Sessions can be done in person or over Skype, Wire or phone.

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