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Dig Deeper

In this course you learn the essence of the Theta Healing® Technique, which is the removal of core beliefs that we have learned in our childhood or that were engrained in our DNA.

To remove these deep beliefs we have to go deep within our mind and body to resolve those problems.

The Theta Healing® Technique is know for finding the root of the problem, the bottom belief or the core issue through using the digging technique.

This approach allows us to gently approach, the otherwise difficult to find or really deep rooted, thoughts and beliefs that block us.

The concept of the digging process will teach you how to navigate through the different levels to find the hidden programs, which are the pillars of all your beliefs, and how to easily and fast remove them and replace them with positive ones.

This course is construed to train you in the essential technique of the Theta Healing® Technique to give you a solid base, tips and techniques that you need, when working on your client or yourself, so that you are confident when digging.

This process is also very important to find the true root of the problem and to successfully identify the issue, so changes are not just temporary but long lasting.

This course will help you to help your clients to understand their own behavior patterns in their life and to help them to make the necessary changes permanent. They will be balanced and cleared by the end of their session.

In this class you will learn Vianna’s 8 ways of digging, PLUS 2 absolutely new and fascinating ways, that are easy to use and help you to effectively see the issue, so that you can clear it easily and fast.

Feel confident and relaxed when digging on yourself or others.

Pre-requisite: Basic DNA  & Advanced DNA course

Time: 2 days

Price: CAD $ 325

In the class you will receive a practitioner manual, snacks and beverages.

At the completion of the class you will receive a certificate from the THInK institute and Vianna Stibal which allows you to practice as a certified Theta Healer®