The Third Eye Canada

Going inward, reflecting outward

Skill Enhancement through Crystal Layout

Do you want to increase your intuitive abilities?

Do you want to be able to follow your intuition more?

Do you want to be more patient, understanding or sure about yourself?

Do you want to be and feel more abundant?

All of these skills and more are engraved in the memory of your DNA.

Your ancestor have "mastered" these abilities at some point of time on some level.

What if this knowledge would be accessible to you?

Actually it is. With this amazing Crystal Layout Technique we are able to travel through time and space and visit your ancestor on an energetic level. We are able to draw from his/ her experience and we can re-activate their knowledge and bringing it forward so that your DNA remembers it (just like a house cat that knows how to hunt when it has to - it taps into DNA knowledge).

This session includes past life travel, soul travel as well as cord cutting, karma release and letting go of limiting beliefs and patterns.

These session have a HUGE and instant impact on our life and the way we see it.

If you are ready for a change book your life changing session today.

The treatment takes between 60 - 90 minutes (depending on the concerns you want to work on)

Several sessions are recommended.

Price: $ 125.00 (for session 1 & 2)

          $   89.00 (for session 3 and thereafter)

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