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Spirit & Space Clearing

Spirit Clearing (Release from lost souls in people)

Lost souls
Normally, souls enter the light when they leave their earthly bodies at time of death. However, there may be circumstance that can prevent this from happening.

For instance, some people are so bound to their earthly existence and possessions, that they don't recognize the light, which wants to lead their souls to the Astral Plane. Perhaps they are stuck in the extreme to certain earthly pleasures like alcohol, sex, consumption of any kind, etc. These fixations prevent them to let go and enter realm of the light. Others may be full of strong emotions such as anger, hatred and the desire for revenge. Then these strong emotions bind them to the earthly sphere. It may also be that a sudden accident may be the cause for the soul to freeze in shock, so that they soul cannot grasp that its body does no longer exist.

These earthbound souls are unable to recognize the beam of light which leads them home. They are so bound to the physical human existence that they search for a "host" with whom they continue to live. That means that they look for a human being in whose energy body/ Aura they can "survive".

Possession in human beings
During certain moments of weakness and "openness" we allow such souls to enter into us. Not always, but in many cases, we attract those souls that resonate with our own problem areas. Such a possessing soul may dominate our whole personality and in extreme cases may manipulate our behaviour according to its needs. This means that we are not completely ourselves.

Possession of places
There are those earthbound souls that possess people and those that possess certain places. To be in such a place results in us becoming stressed; anxieties may appear, aggression may manifest itself, etc.

Release and learning experience
When the possessing soul is led to the light, it means a great relief for the formerly afflicted person. He/she can now unfold his/her own personality and live life to the fullest degree possible. 

And finally – any further therapy and transformation methods show much more powerful results when the person is completely released from all possessions.

The „lost“ soul, in its turn, has been freed from its frozen state and is now able to newly incarnate and continue its path. 


Spirit Clearing (Release of earth bound souls in spaces)

Some souls who did not transcend into the light after the death of their earthly bodies chose certain places to continue their existence (ghosts).

Such a place inhabited by ghosts is noticeable impacted by its energy emanations.

It is obvious that people are not comfortable inhabiting such places as much as they feel uncomfortable in the "occupied" space. Some ghosts can be more active and "show" themselves in a more obvious way, while others withdraw energy from food, electrical sources or living beings. Kids are always more "open" to these energies and can feel or see them way before adults do.

Souls do not like to be stuck, the darkness around them makes them afraid and it also prevents them from any further development.

To feel truly at home, or be successful in a business it is recommended to clear the space of any souls or ghosts.

Full space clearing depends on the size of the house/ business.

For example a 3-bedroom house/ 1200 sq ft. takes about 2 hours to clear.

Within the space clearing earthbound souls that are stuck to residents will be removed as well.

Price: 1 hour -    $ 125.00
          2 hours -  $ 189.00

Please call or email me for a detailed quotation on the space you want to clear.
Cell: 587-580-5854