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Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual Coaching & Mediumship

Being in contact with the spiritual Planes of Existence I can answer your questions to all different sorts of themes in your life and therefore offer precise help and support.

With spiritual counseling and coaching you can see problems and issues from a different perspective and the angels and ascended masters  can give you help and support in all areas of your life. 

In a meditative environment can you truly find yourself and find out more about your purpose and path in this life. Because the session is an energetic process and you are getting a new perspective from loving and caring beings, transformation  and resolution of problems can take place with ease and grace.


Length and amount of individual coaching sessions depend on the specific subject you want to work on. Please contact us for further questions.


The session takes between 60 - 75 minutes

Price: $   89.00 (per session)


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