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"Think yourself Thin"

"Think yourself Thin" - Weight Liberation Program


Almost everyone has been on a crash-diet of some sort, used the latest fad weight loss method on the market, attempted to maintain an exercise routine, or simply starved themselves with little or no results! Then only 5% of the successful ones manage to keep their weight off.

Using the power of the subconscious mind, “Think Yourself Thin” is a new exciting 8-session program which incorporates Hypnotherapy and Theta Healing® to finally release the emotional blocks and negative beliefs that prevent you from achieving your weight loss goals while creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

This program is the most revolutionary new perspective on weight loss and how the human body creates weight. It will change your perceptions and give you a deeper understanding on weight and body image issues while clearing them away.

Learn easy to maintain steps to continue even after the program plus learn an easy trick to easy weight liberation with (almost) no effort.

Results are immediate and give you the tools to maintain perfect health and a beautiful and fit body for the rest of your life.


Invest in your body today!


Duration: 8 sessions for 60 – 75 minutes

Price: CAD $ 725.00

(full email support for any questions or concerns is part of the program)

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