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Theta Healing® Technique

The Theta Healing® Technique

Theta Healing® is an energy modality founded by Vianna Stibal through an instant healing from cancer that she experienced, making it the world's most advanced scientific transformation technique which utilizes quantum physics to alter matter on the physical body level. The Theta Healing® technique allows you to co-create physical, psychological, and spiritual transformation on the individual self through focused communication with the Creator. This is achieved by taking the consciousness through the crown chakra to the Seventh Plane of Existence in order to achieve instant changes on the Core (Life Plan), Genetic (DNA), History (Past Lives & Ancestors), and Soul Level of the individual.

Often chemical communication throughout the body is limited to what has already been experienced and is recreated. So if a person only knows hardship, difficulties and pain the communication will continue to re-create the same, creating more receptors for the same. 

With Theta Healing® these receptors can be closed down and new ones can be created. The subconscious mind is reprogrammed. 

Similar like a faulty computer programs gets an update, without the virus.

Theta Healing® allows us to quickly identify these deeply subconscious held blocks and to re-program the subconscious mind in the powerful Theta brain waive state. It allows us to re-create our reality and hence choose the world we live in by changing - literally re-writing - feelings and beliefs.

It is beliefs, rather than simply luck that sets apart people with amazing success, health, and happiness.


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