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Angel Practitioner

We all are surrounded by angels, guides and beautiful spirits that help us, support us and guide us in many ways.

In this workshop you will learn how to actually get in contact with them, how to communicate with them and how to get your questions answered.

We will explore the possibility of getting help and assistance not just through their energies but also through messages, guided imagery and direct communication. You will also learn how to give an angel card reading (for yourself or others) and how to trust your intuition.

We will train your clairaudiency so that you know which ones are messages from your angels and guides and which ones are maybe from other dimensions.

We will also show you how to send lost souls to the light so you (or your clients) can be clear, centered and grounded within your (their) energy, rather than being depleted and sucked dry from others or way wards.

This is a beautiful way of getting introduced into the energy healing work or deepening your knowledge that you already have.

Angels are a wonderful tool that everyone in their life should have.

Come to our Angel Practitioner Workshop and meet yours!!!

Time: 10:00am – 3:00pm

Price: CAD $ 125.00 

Space & House Clearing Workshop

Our home should be a haven of peace and calm. It should reflect beauty and harmony in all that surrounds us.

However, sometimes foreign energies occupy our space and cause us de-stress.

In this course you learn how to locate areas of disturbance, clear your home or work space of entities, foreign energies and negative thought forms, plus charge everything in your house with divine energy.

We discuss the different forms of energies that can live or be in your space an how to deal with the different forms of energies.

We will also discuss different smudging techniques to maintain a beautiful and well-balanced energy in your home and how to crate a more harmonious energy flow in your home or work environment

Time: 10:00am – 3:00pm

Price: CAD $ 98.00 

Huna - Hawaiian Healing Philosophy 

In Hawai'i, the teaching of Huna was originally called Ho'omana (to make "Mana", or life force energy). The word H'oo means to make.

The word "Mana" means life force energy. Equivalent to Ki (as in Aikido), Chi (as in Tai Chi) or Shakti or Prana in the Sanskrit language. You may use another word that you prefer, meaning Life Force Energy. The Hawaiians call it Mana. Taken together, the word Ho'omana means to empower or empowerment. 

When you have Life Force Energy you are empowered.

The people, called Kahuna, who practiced these techniques and teachings knew that all power and all force emanated from the One, the source of All -- all life, all energy.

The teachings of Huna back date to the year 325 A.D, (it may have started as early as several thousands years B.C.).

With studying the ways of Huna we study the ways of increasing life force energy, to give every single human the power in his own hands, ultimate means to create what they totally want in their life.

With this introduction you learn the basic priciples of Huna. You will learn how to connect to All That Is, how to make connections with the sources of Mana, both inside and outside yourself.

It will give you a good understanding of where you are in life right now and what you want to accomplish. It will help you to let go of thoughts and belief patterns that are not serving you anymore and connect you more deeply with your true and Higher Self.

Guidance from the spirit world will leave you empowered, happy and self-loving.

Time: 9:30am – 5:00pm 

Price: CAD $125.00

We do lots of exercises and meditations. Please bring comfortable clothes and a mat/ blanket to lie on.

Manifestation Workshop

In this workshop you will learn the basics of manifesting and the blocks that may keep you from getting what you want in this life.

We will discuss simple steps that you can incorporate in your life to truly receive everything that you deserve to get and keep.

This is a hands on experience with lots of interesting information.

Do you want to know what keeps you from getting what you want and dreams coming true? Than this is the right class for you.

Time: 3 hours

Price: CAD $ 65.00

Manifestation & Abundance Incubator and Healing Room - Online Event

In The Manifestation & Abundance Incubator and Healing Room, we are nurturing and growing an expanded consciousness and subsequent reality of Monetary Abundance and Abundance on all levels.

The Abundance Incubator is designed to hold you in the Truth of your divine birthright of ABUNDANCE while removing blockages and limiting beliefs, patterns and programs that hinder you from accessing and expressing the abundance that you truly are and deserve.

Over the course of 21 days you will immerse yourself in the powerful clearing energies of The Manifesting & Abundance Incubator and Healing Room while your Higher Self, your Soul and your Divine Light Being part of you work with your Divine Spiritual Guidance Light Team to prioritize and orchestrate the transformation in all areas of your life.

During these 21 days you will remotely be nourished and nurtured in the consciousness of all participating in the incubator.

You will receive clearings, positive downloads and healings on the respective subject mentioned above from source, creator, your soul family and your guides.

Every day for 21 days you will be worked on between 30 – 60 minutes.

You don’t have to be available during this time, but you have to create an intention of openness and willingness to change, clear and receive.

Time: 21 days

Price: CAD $ 924   CAD $ 125

The Power of Blessings

Blessings are a wonderful way to release us from the shackles of our past.

Blessings help us to let go of things that are not serving us anymore and they help us to appreciate the things that we have and experience in our lives.

Through blessings we can move beyond abuse, hurt, grief and sadness.

Experience how you can incorporate these amazing techniques in your daily life to be more happy and  joyful.

Time: 3 hours

Price: CAD $ 65.00   CAD $ 35.00

More advanced Theta Healing® courses

The Theta Healing® technique has a vast array of different classes for different concerns and areas.

Find a detailed listing here.